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【衝撃】「そんな装備で大丈夫か」「大丈夫だ,問題ない」はキルゾーンのオマージュだった! : はちま起稿
【衝撃】「そんな装備で大丈夫か」「大丈夫だ,問題ない」はキルゾーンのオマージュだった! : はちま起稿

はちま起稿:国内最大の個人ゲームブログ はちま起稿:国内最大の個人ゲームブログ Powered by ライブドアブログ...

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English Translation

【 impact 】"Was it safe in such equipment?" and "It was safe, and unquestionable" were the hommage of [KILLZONE].

Apr, 28, 2011, 23:43

Takeyasu: To begin with, "Is it safe in such equipment?" and "It is safe, and unquestionable" are the hommage of the opening movie of "KILLZONE".

4Gamer: It did not notice …….

Takeyasu: I to make that interesting because I love KILLZONE.
Hommage that is not snarfing.

4Gamer: Everyone might be put to that impact, and there not be room to notice hommage.

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unquestionable → No problem.

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