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Article Information Article Information — なぜいまマゾゲーなの? ゲーマーの間で評判の“即死ゲー”「Demon's Souls」(デモンズソウル)開発者インタビュー(Demon's Souls) — なぜいまマゾゲーなの? ゲーマーの間で評判の“即死ゲー”「Demon's Souls」(デモンズソウル)開発者インタビュー(Demon's Souls)

タイトル/ワード名(記事数) タイトル/ワード名(記事数) タイトル/製品をプラットフォームから探す ゲームタイトルをジャンルから探す インタビュー 編集部:TAITAI ライター:マフィア梶田 キーワード 4Gamerの1週間を振り返る「Weekly 4Gamer」2011年5月7日〜5月13日分 下校の真髄,ここにあり! 「放課後ライトノベル」第41回は『神明解ろーどぐらす』で楽しい下...

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English Translation - [Maso-ge Masochism-game] now why. "Instant death Gay" "Demon's Souls" ([demonzusouru]) developer interview of famous among game players (Demon's Souls)

Title "Demon's Souls" ([demonzusouru]) for PLAYSTAITON 3 (hereafter, PS3) put on the market by Sony Computer Entertainment (hereafter, SCE) on February 5, 2009 is action RPG of a real sect to which the from software (hereafter, from) known as a development origin of "Kings field" and "Armerd core" series took charge of production.
The element that touches is a work of full loading in ..rowdy.. game player's heartstrings recently in addition to a drifting dark world setting. this Composition like a game system etc. that value the action high difficulty setting like unusual and RPG decadent atmosphere.

The topic boils among game players , saying that "This seems to be interesting" as soon as becoming a release date verge and clarified of information though it is this work from which information was not open to the public since the Tokyo game show done in October, 2008 easily. The reputation "…… that died and was rolled up was interesting" extended by word of mouth after it had put it on the market, and it developed even into the situation of becoming running out of stock in most game shops in the whole country for a certain period of time.

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